Delete a product

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In the menu bar under Your Products select the product type for which you want to delete a product. If you manage several product types, you can also select "All products" to show products of all types at the same time.

Products can have 3 different status: Draft, Released and Published.
You create and edit products as Draft. In this state they are only visible by you. If you consider a product is ready for publication, you can release it. Once Released, the product will be reviewed by our database team and then Published. All published data records are then transferred to the PV*SOL database.

Only products with status Draft or Released can be deleted. Once a product is Published, it is transferred to the PV*SOL database and may then be used by PV*SOL customers round the world. Therefore, published products can no longer be deleted.

To delete a product, click the edit button of a product with Draft or Released status. A page with the product details opens.
In the upper part of the page you will find the status history of the product. Click the Delete button.

A confirmation dialog appears where you can either confirm or cancel the deletion.